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Sri Nilayam Ashram Balasai

Ashram Wikipedia

Ashram w Kurnool

Sri Bala Sai Nilayam

Kurnool 518001, A. P. India

Phone / WhatsApp: 0091 - 958 149 2942

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ashram w Hyderabad

Sri Bala Sai Nilayam

Domalaguda No. 1-2-593-8

Gagan Mahal Colony

Hyderabad 500 029, India A. P.

Phone / WhatsApp: 0091 - 958 149 2942

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sri Bala Sai Baba keeps alternately in Kurnool and Hyderabad.
It is recommended to learn one or two days before the arrival of his whereabouts.

Registrations at least seven days in advance, only receives Mr. Christian Ross.

Please enter also your arrival and time, according to air ticket to India.
Phone / WhatsApp: 0091 - 958 149 2942


Time shift:
In India there is a single time zone.
The time difference is during the German summer time + 3.5 hours and at winter time + 4.5 hours.
Example DST: When it is 12:00 clock in Germany, it is inKurnool 15:30 clock.

Advice about traveling to India for Avatar

Before your trip to India for Avatar Sri Balasai Baba some things to consider. This little guide presents tips, important information and addresses as to prepare you for your trip to Sri Balasai Baba.

So that you can enjoy carefree in Ashram your stay - because it is a grace and honor to be there -, you will find useful suggestions and tips.

Sri Bala Sai Baba keeps alternately in Kurnool and Hyderabad. We encourage you to learn one or two days prior to arrival about his whereabouts. Declarations, at least seven days in advance, only receives Mr. Christian Ross. Please also give your exact arrival in India, the time and the airline.

Especially for celebrations such as Sri Balasai Baba's birthday (January 14) or Mahashivaratri (February / March), you should register early (about 4 to 6 weeks), because it is precisely at this time a large number of devotees (followers) are expected. Your accommodation must be organized in time.

Little Trip Advisor to Sri Balasai Baba

Advice about traveling to India for Avatar


Before your trip to India for Avatar Sri Balasai Baba are some Din

ge observed. This little guide presents tips on how to

to prepare for your trip to Sri Balasai Baba.

For your stay in the Ashram can freely enjoy

NEN - because it is a grace and honor to be there - you will find
useful suggestions and tips.

Sri Bala Sai Baba holds alternately in Kurnool or Hyderabad

on. We recommend you one to two days before arrival

to find out about his whereabouts. Applications, not less

more than seven days in advance, only accepts Mr. Christian Ross

by phone: 0091 - 958 149 2942 counter.

Please also give your exact arrival in India
at that time and the airline.

Especially for celebrations such as Sri Balasai Baba Birthday

(January 14) or Mahashivaratri (February / March), you should

register early (about 4 to 6 weeks), because it is precisely this

Time are very many devotees (followers) expected. Your company

future must be organized in time.

A pleasant journey and eventful stay with

Sri Bala Sai Baba wants you

Your Balasai publishing team


For your trip to India you need a visa.

For the visa application you will need:

2 color passport photos latest date

, full and legibly completed application with bottom
font, valid passport,

(when entering the passport must be at least. 6 months validity
activity have)

An application by mail takes about 10 working days.

In addition, still need in addition to the companies mentioned above

documents are also sent:

, a self-addressed and sufficiently stamped envelope

as registered letter with signature

Einbezah- visa fees directly to the respective consulate Account

len. Original proof of payment to settle.

The visa shall be effective from the date of issue. Please ship

no cash in the mail! Learn The visa fees and further information

When your regional consulates. Addresses can be found in

The visa Form is available at the travel agency or on the Internet

under www.indianembassy.de

Several airlines offer cheap flights with intermediate

landings at Hyderabad, for example:. Emirates, Quatar, KLM and Air

India. Direct flights you can book on Lufthansa. Other way

example and information, please contact your travel agent. (Tip:

www.expedia.de, www.airline-direkt.de)


The medical preparation for the first trip should at an early stage

begin. There are no vaccinations required by law. At the

It is best to consult your family doctor.


The Indian company attaches great on "befitting" Clothing

SSEN value. So you should adapt as a tourist.

Wear Do not shorts. It contradicts the indi-

cul- ture, to show bare legs and shoulders. The "production

pre-flashes "of bare knuckles applicable in India as sexy, as in

Women's clothing tightly dimensioned tops and sleeveless T-

Shirts. What looks attractive to us, is in large parts of India

frowned upon and is not understood, because it is not the local culture
cor responds.

For a city of transition, we recommend z. B. slight western clothes.

Who is sensitive should a sun bonnet, goggles and
take a sunblock.

In Ashram women wearing a "sari" or "Punjabi" (wide pants

with a longer top. Contributing to the custom after a scarf).

Men wear a sort of "suit" (mostly long loose pants
and shirt).

Pack a light sweater for cooler evenings, a powder
lover or a shawl.

Sandals are very convenient in India, because when entering temperature

peln, apartments and shops off her shoes

Need to become. It is best to let your "designer shoes" to

Home, because it can happen that they are "confused".

Tip: For special occasions (. Eg Sri Balasai Baba's birthday)

We recommend white clothes and "appealing footwear".


First aid kit

For the contents of your first aid kit please have your

Doctor or pharmacist advice.

Many drugs are in India "Medical Store" inex-

tig available. Of course, the devotees are happy spot

ready to assist you when you drug or medical help

Important Info for insect repellents:

Please use a "normal Autan" o. Ä. Sri Bala Sai Baba has

a very fine nose and the smell of insect repellent

trigger with Him nausea. Therefore, "Autan-Family" (or

Clove oil) are recommended for mosquito repellent.

Since you are on a spiritual journey, you should select

rend the ashram stay city visits and purchases only

use the most necessary errands.

There is in India a lot of fruit that you started up without concern

can Niessen, z. B. delicious papayas, pineapples, bananas and young

GE coconuts whose juice is refreshing and rich in minerals. Want

For example, eating grapes, we strongly recommend that this in

Washing "MICROPUR" -water. MICROPUR obtain tablets

In any pharmacy Germany. Other nuts should

are necessarily peeled before consumption.

Vitamins, magnesium or calcium effervescent tablets do not cover

only your need for minerals, but also make the mineral water
u. U. also tastier.

Please bring bedding (sheets as a Spannbetttuch ideal)

Towels and tea towels. You need to own dishes like

z. B. cup, plate edge, silverware (sharp kitchen knife for

Fruit) and possibly paper napkins, garbage bags and toilet paper.

As the Ashram is a "family business" and not a hotel, everyone washes

Visitors be used dishes from, is responsible for keeping clean his

nes room and supply for its own dirty laundry

responsibility. Therefore, do not forget to rinse and detergent

pack. Many Ashrambesucher takes like a private

Travel kettle for coffee or tea with. Ironing board and Bügelei-

sen are available to the public.

Tip: Shopping in India! This saves you "unnecessary and

are heavy baggage "to bring from Germany. Meanwhile,

it in Hyderabad and Kurnool modern supermarkets where you

very expensive to buy. Perform hygiene items,

Food, bread, cheese, jam, oil, fruits and vegetables, household

maintenance items and much more.

Since there is sometimes little storage space in the rooms,

are a "hanging storage" and a "hanging toiletry bag" recommended

Votes can also be a little travel dictionary in English.

For the unfamiliar sitting on the floor (z. B. in the Temple) can

NEN you possibly a seat cushion (possibly for inflation) or a blanket

bring. For persons with disabilities are always chairs


Approximately 2 to 3 hours prior to departure, you should at the airport

arrive to "check in", ie, abandon your luggage. Officially

are allowed 20 kg luggage. With some airlines

even 25 kg still accepted if you only have a small and lightweight

Your hand luggage. When the hand luggage weight limit

usually at 5kg. In general, you will be at the travel agency

the luggage conditions noted.

Please instruct the tellers out that the luggage

is to be "checked through directly", ie, enter the luggage at

Departure airport and collect it until you arrive in Hyderabad

With most airlines there is a possibility "Flugmei-

"to collect len ​​and thereby a special bonus for more flights

to get. Achieved Detailed information and the relevant applications

hold at the respective airlines.

ENTRY FORM (Embarcation Card)

On the plane to Hyderabad You will receive an application (double adapter

support for entry and exit) to fill. At customs you need to

Completed and signed entry section proposed. She who-

the thus registered. The return flight you have Ausreiseab-

cut also proposed at customs, so your departure confirmed


If you're flying for. B. Emirates, follow the "Transfer Agent

Signs "that you then to your connecting flight to Hydera-

Bad / India without in both cases you through the initial tariff

have to. You have the option of setting up the "Duty Free" in Dubai

buy. There you can with Euro, US Dollars or even with "Ver.

Araba. Emir. Dirham "(UAE) or easily with credit cards
te pay.

Tip: If your stopover in Dubai lasts longer than 4 hours,

get a free meal (buffet) in a restaurant.

For further details please contact your airline.

Also, at any time, against payment Business Class Lounge

(Bunks, Buffet, Internet Services, Wake Up) availed


Please inquire shortly before your departure to India from

Germany from where Sri Balasai Baba is presently operating.

For the trip from the airport to the Ashram Hyderabad take

a "prepaid taxi". The prepaid taxi switches are located outside
half of the concourses.

For the trip from the airport to the Ashram in Kurnool You have sev
eral ways:


If you take a taxi (with or without air conditioning) to Kurnool

want to go, you order this when you register with Mr.

Christian Ross. He will then be on time to the airport

. Send You recognize your taxi driver immediately, because he is a "Sri

Balasai Baba-image "and a sign with your name in his hand

holds. You do also have to worry if your

Aviator belatedly lands - the driver you expect in any

On the way to Kurnool, it is common that the taxi driver min-

least once a holding and a meal increases, since he already

a five-hour arrival to Hyderabad has behind him. Normalization

mally the passenger pays the costs for this meal

Driver - it converted a couple of euros, if not

Cent! Likewise, it is common to the taxi driver upon arrival in Kurnool

to give a tip of 50 rupees.

Bus / train

Alternatively, you can also from the bus station with a "high-tech

Bus "or take a train to Kurnool. (Links below
Please go eat nothing Unwashed, Uncooked,

Unpeeled, and you do not drink tap water. Locked

Drinks can be safely to take (z. B. Cola,
Mineral water).

Tips for hungry stomachs:

"Palak Paneer" (Spinach with cheese) with "Roti" (bread flatbread) and / or

Rice (rice); "spicy" (hot) or "very spicy" (very spicy)!

Many a traveler India is perhaps struggling with diarrhea

have. This passes usually by itself with bananas and rice.

Spicy food should be avoided.

To discover the food (rice, vegetables, etc.) suddenly small red

Pieces (Chili), you should try not to bite on it. It

could be that a "flaming inferno" threatens to sharpness.

How to delete a fire on your tongue?

Top yogurt or sweet pastry eating, drinking water helps

Harmless are freshly prepared food, unless they cooked

or were fried. One should intuition food exactly

s and then decide out of the feeling, whether you eat them
like it or not.

Tips to call:

Outside of the Ashram you can in public telephone booths
cheap calls.


The Ashram is a sacred place of pilgrimage, which we should always

awareness. It is not, therefore, within the meaning of the ashram line

conduct tourism operations since adverse Folgesi-

situations can arise for the Ashram.

Likewise, Pancha Karma treatments (ayurvedic treatments

etc.) during the ashram stay not allowed. Should above

Actions are still carried out, the visitor is taken up

Calls to leave the ashram and to stay in a hotel.

We encourage you to inform themselves before traveling to Avatar

ming. There are many books on Sri Balasai Baba in

Bookstores or order via the Internet at:

Official Balasai Baba shop: www.Shop.BalasaiBaba.de

Detailed information about the avatar can be found at


Who is willing to afford Seva service (selfless service) to

to maintain the premises of the Ashram, can at Ingrid
or Christian sign.

In the morning at 8:00 clock in the evening and at 19:00 clock found in the temple

the one-hour "bhajans" instead. For the ashram visitor

it mandatory to participate in it.

Sri Bala Sai Baba we meet with due respect, that is, we

Do not touch him, and we stay at an appropriate distance from

Him until He calls us. When we see or encounter Sri Balasai Baba

NEN, we greet "Balasai Ram" (palms in prayer position) -

and remain standing, waiting until Sri Balasai Baba signaled us

come to.



Sri Bala Sai Baba says, "You come here to you in the divine

stop Chen presence Baba, to meditate and you

quite align with God. Do not be from outer Bege-

discourage benheiten and conditions thereof. Remains permanently on Me

aligned and ignores everything else. You are not here to another

re to observe, evaluate and criticize. You're only because

yourselves, because of your own spiritual development and your

spiritual connection to Me here. Are you always the GE

Sri Bala Sai Baba says. "I'm moving right among you I play

le, joking, food with you and give you the right time spiri-

elle instruction. With all the physical proximity that I grant you

re, but you should never forget who I am. I behave

as your best friend, but you should here the limits of

respectful behavior your divine teacher to non

Here we are at a divine incarnation and not

with a guru. We should be clear. At the

best we listen to a discussion of Sri Balasai Baba:

"The Guru taught techniques and shows the way to God for."

"For God, there is nothing to show, if he already sits in front of you.

God is the embodiment of wisdom, enlightenment, love and liberation.

You need it all the way just to love and pray to Him. Then

everything comes by itself to you. "

"The guru you might teaches a method to awaken the Kundalini."

"God gives you by His grace directly enlightenment."

"The guru has students. Devotees God possesses."

"The Guru can give you the wisdom, but he himself received from God."

"God is able to you through His kindness and mercy the
Bestow wisdom directly. "

Sri Bala Sai Baba seemed a bit thoughtful and then said:

"If you are already sitting in a first class bus, why do you want in

a normal change? God is super consciousness! Wisdom

Super-confidence, wisdom comes through enlightenment. But

What is enlightenment? Enlightenment is nothing more than Gottverwirk-

lichung. What's God-realization? If you are anything else

perceive as God - if there is nothing except God for you

- That's God-realization. A Sage strives only for the

Merger with God - more is not possible. This is everything

there is to gain. Here in this place you have the extraordinary

Che lucky that the spiritual master and God are one and the same

are. Therefore listen to me hours of instruction well and treated

Me as your guru! During the period of meditation focuses on the other hand

on Me as your God! Bei Mir you have it very easy, because

there is the chance to listen to the words of God, while their

Vermögt him to see at the same time in front of you. In this Ashram

it is possible to encounter God in the outside and at the same time in

yourself. In this square is God sich- at all levels for you
TBAR and present! "


Because of the outer near Sri Balasai Baba to us it is very

important to follow some rules:

, Make your way only to Sri Balasai Baba, if you are called.

, If you with Sri Balasai Baba together in Satsang (Un-

tainment sitting on divine subjects), not simply to

Him out when He does not ask you.

, If Sri Balasai Baba just wondering if he auffor- you to

, Come to any meeting with Sri Balasai Baba showered

and with freshly laundered clothes.

, It is the duty of the morning and evening at the Bhajansin-

gene in the temple to take part.

, In Ashram clothes should extend to the ankles.

, Smoking, alcohol, drugs and eating meat is forbidden.

, In Kurnool Ashram latest must at 18:00 clock the laundry

be taken on the roof and balconies.


, the Ashram after the evening bhajans for security reasons

no longer leave.

, to close any friends with Indian compatriots

exchange and neither addresses nor phone numbers.

, To give money to beggars. It supports their bad


Daily guests in Hyderabad and Kurnool are two Indian

Meals available (lunch and dinner). In Kurnool is additional

Lich also an Indian breakfast. (All Mahlzeitenund and prices are
Daily rate).


When you register for your Ashramaufenthalt (at least seven

Days), you can simultaneously Mr. Christian Ross, the current

Daily rates for your accommodation and meals per day and per

Person out. You can pay in euros or rupees. (Daily rate in January 2013 - 25 euro / person per day)


The Ashramaufenthalt must be at least seven days.

Guests under the age of 25 years must be accompanied by an older

Person be (from 25 years).

Water / electricity

Water scarcity is now in many parts of India a large

Problem. Therefore, please go to frugal with water.

Since each room usually has only one 220V socket,

we recommend a multi-outlet extension (2 meters)

bring. An adapter is not required. Since the current

sometimes fails, please bring a flashlight.


In Kurnool there is no garbage collection. Garbage is in a plastic

Bags collected and thrown on the "wall" to the river. In

Hyderabad stand for rubbish disposal.


Usually there are at the Ashram European toilets, but with

very narrow drainpipes. In order for this not clog, may

You absolutely nothing - not even toilet paper or similar.. - in the

Throw toilet! The used toilet paper you must therefore

collect in a plastic bag and dispose of as waste.


The Indian currency is called "rupee".

You can when you arrive in the airport building in Hyde

Change rabad money. A currency exchange is on the left when

Output. You can also buy in two cities (Hyderabad, Kurnool)

easily at the machine to withdraw cash with the debit card. And you

can always converted at the Ashram Mr. Christian Ross your money
Swap leave.

Behavior towards LOCALS

Does the Indians "Yes", he dangles his head several times since then

ward, as if to bring the ears toward shoulders. Mostly

looks the gesture, as if some of the head a little loose on the neck,

and unfortunately it is our head shaking to "No" too similar. That

Indian "No": It is only briefly twitched his head, as if wool

to chase away an annoying fly on the nose. This scarce

pe gesture is usually carried a derogatory cluck of the tongue

or supported by a gesture. Distinguishing the

Indian "Yes" and "No" requires the beginning for us Europeans a

good observation skills.

In India there is no "shaking hands". We encounter the Indians

with the greeting "Balasai Ram" (I greet the divine in you).

Sometimes you will be offered during the shopping delicious tea

ten. For Indians it seems almost insulting, the tea offered
not to accept.

Climate Climate

Imagine, the Indians are happy about the rain. Imagine, the Indians are happy about the rain.

The Indians are due to agriculture on the monsoon

dependent, hence the preference for the rainy weather.

The Indians are due to agriculture on the monsoon

dependent, hence the preference for the rainy weather.

Time difference Time SHIFT

In India there is a single time zone. The time shift

is during the German summer time + 3.5 hours and the

Winter time + 4.5 hours.

In India there is a single time zone. The time shift

is during the German summer time + 3.5 hours and the

Winter time + 4.5 hours.

Example DST: Daylight Saving Time Example:

When it is 12:00 clock in Germany, then is the time in

India (Kurnool / Hyderabad) 15:30 clock.

When it is 12:00 clock in Germany, then is the time in

India (Kurnool / Hyderabad) 15:30 clock.

The climate in India is very different from ours:

the monsoon (mid-June to early October) + 30 to 35 ° C with high

Humidity, lots of rain

the winter (November to January) + 20 to 25 ° C

the spring (February / March) + 25 to 30 ° C.

the summer (April to early June) very hot, it can be up to + 45 ° C


The DCS publishing house has set itself the goal, books and media about Sri Balasai

To spread Baba and his teachings and projects. The DCS is a publishing house

Seva-Verlag. Seva is selfless service. Authors, editors, translators and

the publishing house management work free of charge. The profit from the sale is for

Donations for charitable Foundation SRI Balasai BABA CENTRAL TRUST in India

or the printing of promotional material used.

Literature about the Avatar Sri Balasai Baba, please visit our online shop


The tips and advice in this guide are carefully erwo- by the authors

gene and tested Nevertheless, liability can not be accepted. A liability

tion of the authors, the publishing house and its Balasai officer for personal injury

or pecuniary damage is excluded.

© Ralf Geissler December 2008 - All Rights Reserved!