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"Many think that religion and God are one and the same. But religion is only a way to God. It is a kind of concept that the aim is achieving God. In modern times, God is being hid and the promotion of religion is in the foreground. Many denominations seek exclusive validity. But God is above all and at the same time in all. God is in the religions, while at the same time he is beyond any religion. He is religion.

Every religion is equal and at its core it shows what's going on in people's lives, and they are: love and compassion. In this way, every religion can be called a religion of love and compassion. No religion is classified as a higher or lower. I did not create any new religion. I accept all religions - without exception - in the same way. Therefore, we do not criticize any religion, but we give all religions the same love and respect.

You do not need to fight among yourselves in the name of religion. It is better to fight to achieve unity with God. We should not forget that in the name of religion we are human beings. Between violence and God there is no link. If you can even talk about religion in Baba, it can be called the religion of tolerance, love and humanity. Divine incarnations do not come to create new religions. They come to show people the way to Divinity.

God can also be achieved without any external forms of religion. Simply by happiness, God oriented life and the development of three values: love, devotion, humanity. These three values ​​are sufficient to achieve God. Love God with all your heart and dedication are the key the achievement of God.

To be a true Christian man does not have to become Christian. It is enough to just pray with all your heart to Christ and follow His example of selflessness. If one does it, one does not even need to read the Bible or go to church because it has a vibrant, inner relationship with Jesus Christ.

Most religions teach that God can only be attained through pain and suffering. I tell you that you can leave sin behind and reach God being happy. Without weeping and gnashing your teeth. Who wants to have children weeping and gnashing their teeth? God certainly does not.

Be happy. Just be good people! Do not try to be this or that. Just be you, as I am just me. Or just yourself! Do not be a Christian, Muslim, Hindu - or you!

Or quite simply just a human being.

You're you. You do not have to more. You do not have to be dressed in a frame that bears the name of any religion. Simply just be yourself. And be human, loving, attentive to each and every one. "