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"Human life is normally sad and hard. It starts with you coming to this world crying, screaming and kicking. After that hardships appear. You blast your way more or less oppressively through life. Therefore, try not to take life too seriously. Do not worry, be merry. No need to be serious to jump up and catch a fly. It is a visual representation of our lives and means: accept life easily, at the same time you can be amused, jovial, happy and cheerful.

Man is always looking for happiness. He wants to see beautiful things, listen to pleasant things, eat well and play with joy. He wishes to have good friends and a good future, because he wants to be happy. So this human desire is always directed to a life of happiness. Luck and God are one and the same. Happiness always awaits hidden to help you, but you must be willing to accept it. God is willing to give you the sky - you should just accept it.

All happiness and all the joys of this world pass away, nothing is permanent. You can check it every day on yourself. Even the happiness that you find in the interpersonal relationships are short-lived and what goes, temporary and not permanent. However, there is happiness that is lasting and constant. The sweetest is the endless Divine bliss.

God is the supreme bliss and joy. That is why I still teach: Be happy, make others happy and make me happy. Be happy! That means do not worry! I'm still here for you. By My blessing at the appropriate time you will be given what you deserve. God knows when you have something to give. Man has every reason to be grateful to him forever! Because whatever happens to him or whatever he has received he got it from God. God gives him the air to breathe. It allows the food to grow, he sends him companions, which it needs for development and all other conditions, which he needs. Satisfaction and modesty make God give His mercy and His blessings on the people allowing people to finally reach God. So be happy and grateful. Enjoy this short momentary happiness and try to strive for eternal happiness.

I do not say, renounce and suffer for God as taught in ancient prophets and incarnations. I recommend you even: live happily, in fullness of joy and benefit from your life! The only condition is: do not forget God.

Whether you believe in God or not - God exists. God is a fact. God comes to earth to fulfill the mission he imposed on himself. Some recognized him, others not. God does not mind whether people recognize him or not. Do you want to unite with him or not - God is not affected. God does not draw any benefit from this. For him everything is the same. Gains or losses are achieved only by you.

Until we attain God consciousness, the game of life appears to you as a reality. Divine consciousness has been reached, you see that everything is just a representation, as in the theater, nothing really happens.

There is no lasting happiness on earth. Everything is conditional and impermanent. Therefore, it is wise to seek exclusive unity with God. You came naked and empty-handed to this earth. And only naked and with empty hands you will leave it again. Your home, your property, your relatives, everything. The only goods that you can take with you are spiritual goods.

These are all the good things you've done quite selflessly for others, such as the help  you gave to these in need, and good deeds, that you have made to God or in His name. Because God is omnipresent and all-pervading, the service for the second person attains the Supreme. Therefore learn to be kind, able to make sacrifices and be helpful to others! Divine blessing comes from making other happy.

If we earn money in our work, we need some of them to pass on to good causes. Even if it is only five euros, which we have in your pocket, fifty cents, we can give to someone who needs them more. The division does not concern only material goods. We need to be generous in life. Be generous, to be free and liberation are closely related to each other. Serve the people or serve God, then your life acquires its true meaning.

Most people think only of the following things: How can I live better? How can I eat better? What is the best drink? What is best way to get a good sleep? How best can I earn money? How can I get the most fun? How do I get the best sex? What is the best movie that I can see? How do I find the best partner? ...

Only the following two things are rarely on one’s mind or not at all:


How to best serve God and people? How best to think about God?


Those who reflect on these two questions, their life will be the best life and they will get the best blessing of God.


God is present within each one. If you know who you really are, you would never do yourself or others any harm."