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Certainly longing for God appears once in every human being. Then God is present for him and welcomes him with open arms. What is expected will be received, but often not right away. Tolerance, patience and the use of reason is needed for that!

You have to strive for God, to meditate, to pray, to perform good deeds in his service, read his message; only this will lead you to success, to divine purpose. Your task is to worship God and serve Him. With the same responsibility and effort that you put in your family and in your work, it must also apply for God, and then God’s grace and His blessings will fall on you.

If you want to build an intense relationship with God, you should choose his "number". This number is his name! Repeating His name is an extremely effective spiritual exercise: it will lead you closer to Him. Each name of God, every mantra is the same God. If you recite it, you will be like a train, heading directly to the target. Select a name that best suits you and where you feel the greatest love. I did not insist to choose my name. Whatever name you choose, you will still reach my address and I will pour my blessing on you. For emergencies, when you are tormented with severe problems and difficulties, to enjoy the protection of Gods’ name, before that you must continuously practice. Name of God then acts as a protective shield. If you repeat Gods’ name a couple of hours a day, for several months, it may happen that it is will repeat itself in your heart. If only you lay aside your work or your thoughts for a moment stop, the name of God will rise up in you and remind you about God.

Of course you can use any technique that suits you and which you to like. And there are many. The essence of the matter is that you focus on God. It is the sole aim of all internal spiritual exercise.

Also, selfless service is a great opportunity to serve God. The fact is that God loves the most those who serve the poor and those in need. Service to God is the highest position. It is immeasurable. It is selfless. It is one of a kind. Serving starts with the clear thinking. It aim is the good of the community, society, country, world and universe as a whole. Through love, devotion, serving close to God we can probably, reach God in the fastest and easiest way.

Start your day with God! Spend a day with God! Finish the day with God! It is the shortest, quickest and surest way to God.

All those who come to me are blesses with happiness and success in all aspects. If you trust me completely, it will grant you your physical and spiritual wishes. I will grant you these wishes, if you are full of devotion to God, so that you can come out of the sadness and be happy. God wants to see everyone happy. Whatever you wish, He will bless it. The nature of God is to bless what his followers ask from him. But most of them strive only for temporary things and ask God for many things that are addictive like man, woman, children, friends, property... God also warns his followers and explains the implications behind the wishes and desires. However, if a dedicated follower insists on the fulfillment of wishes and believes that are good for him, God will bless him with these wishes, which will lead him to an illusion and addiction.

Every wish, every idea, every desire is a new seed for the next birth. Even the positive wishes can bring a new birth. We should wish for liberation and not addictions. We should always strive for what’s permanent, not that which will pass. This is what GOD is.


Open your heart and love God, so that you can feel like you are loved by God. "

"Be happy,

Make others happy

and reach me happily!"