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"The human intellect (mind) is composed of concepts, ideas and delusions. Exists from the accepted and assumed thoughts and ideas. And this is also stamped on the concept of God. However God, can not be invented either covered, because idea and imagination are never consistent with reality. Imagining belongs to the world of illusion. God is true. Truth is not conceivable. The truth we have to experience.

With mind we can confirm much, but you can not experience God with mind. God is outside the range of thinking and understanding. If, however, seriously and constantly we seek for God and to Him we aspire, God will reveal to us.

We can never say what God is really. Not only that He do not have these or those properties. He does not have any identity. God is everything. He is everywhere. He is called by many names, but there is only one God. He is the one without the other. We can not see Him or either describe in words. He is located in front of, behind, under, over, beside the universe. At the same time he is the universe. Everything comes from God and back again to God. The universe was created out of God.

Nothing exists outside of God! In the entire universe does not exist any corner where where his force would not be present (Shakti). You must learn to look with different eyes. If your look for it will be opened, then you will see in all the miraculous an omnipresent power of God.

God is the indweller of all his creatures, and he loves them all. Just as the rain falls on the field and the sun shines on all, shines God's love equally on each and every one. In his love, there is no separation. The difference between humans and God's love is in the way of love. God loves every creature, even the leper or ugly looking. But man loves only what he likes. God does not see the human with his eyes. He looks at his heart into the heart of their creation, because the relationship between God and the one who loves him is a union of hearts. If someone loves God and misses Him, God is for him 24 hours a day available. It depends on you to open your heart and let God in.

You were never far from God. This is just an imagination in your mind and in your heart. You are never separated from Him. To notify you He took the form and live among you, just as I do now. I play with you, laugh with you and try to comfort you, and make you happy.

God is very close to you, He is your best friend. God is the embodiment of love. Perseverance is in your reach. He does not sit up high - far away - on the couch, with a long, thick stick in his hand, which He constantly hit punishing you. God is on this earth in the middle between you: as a child among children, as a woman among women, as a man among men. You want to see him, as a character, it looks like Rama, Krishna, Jesus or Buddha. He comes in the form for which you long. God loves you and live with you. He behaves like you. Accept him: happy and with all heart. Do not think that Sri Balasai Baba have to be necessarily your goal. Find with open spirit and an open heart, your way! You'll find him. In any form, I will come and fulfill your wishes. God is the embodiment of joy and love. "