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"God is everything. It is a form but without form. In Baba’s person, God is present, as a form. Love for God can be developed only through God's form. Moreover, through this form you can also experience the sweetness of the love of God. So that you may love me, I act like a human being. I'm so simple and I don’t pretend so even before you I sit half naked, only wearing a Dhoti, like peeled banana. Through my friendly behavior, do not forget who I really am.

I am the embodiment of pure Divine energy (Shakti) the highest Divine principle. From Me came the beginning of everything. All creation went out me - also all of the Divinity. I am the universal Mother, I am your Father.

The sad thing is that most of my children constantly forget this. Many even do not even know. But I know that all human are my children.

God loves you more than a thousand mothers at the same time and always wants the best for you. Each time God sees your needs he satisfies them, if he considers them appropriate. Every time, when your wishes are not granted, you can be sure that they do not serve you good.

There is no difference between God in the human body or incorporeal light. Do you worship God or the flesh without form - the result is the same. God came to bless and care for the welfare of the people. To spread the divine message, saint scriptures are sufficient. For this God does not need to incarnate.

Gods’ blessing is not visible. You can only experience it. If I give you a banana, then you can see it and taste it. In contrast to this, blessing is like electrical current, invisible. Only if you flick the switch, you can see the electric current in the form of a light source. You can even feel it when you put your finger into the socket .... You can feel the blessing of God, if you open your heart and are prepared to live it.

The old God lives now in the modern society. God took the form consistent with the spirit of the times, that in today's society with modern way He teach people how they can be united with God. Baba is super modern incarnation of God and his teachings explain the quickest and easiest way to God.

God will reclaim peace only then when, His last child reaches Liberation. Up to this point He will continue to come back to earth to teach them and help them."