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Balasai  Central Trust


Since 1990 the founded charitable association "Balasai Central Trust" helps people in India, organizing and financing medical, educational and social projects. For its effective work they have already been repeatedly recognized by the Government of India.

On this side we will present you the educational, social and medical projects developed and financed by Balasai Central Trust.


Balasai Free School


The "Free School" was founded in 2004 for the poorest children, usually coming from the slums of the city Karnool. "Balasai Free School" is the first free school in the province of Andhra Pradesh in India. Most of these children without the help of "Balasai Baba Central Trust" would not have a chance for school education. At the present moment 310 children in 7 levels classes are taught. Starting from class - children (from 3-th year of life), through lower kindergarten (4 - year life) up to 4 - the school class (6 years old). I should add that at all those levels of the Indian nursery in primary school it is practiced to teach English as a foreign language. The concept of education also includes education about human values and shaping character. Parents of children receive support and advice during teacher visits. Among other things, they run with families a hygiene program, thanks to which children are brought to school by their parents washed and with clean school uniforms. In addition, children and their families are covered by free medical care at a nearby hospital that belongs to Balasai Central Trust.

Rural schools


In 2004, to counteract illiteracy in rural areas, Balasai Central Trust implemented a project of rural schools. In the far away villages, where residents live mostly from agriculture, where every hand is needed to work, there is no possibility to transport children to school. Just for these children and interested adults Balasai Central Trust organized rural schools. Teachers come mainly from the same areas and have been trained by Balasai Central Trust. Teaching is mostly done in rural community indoors or in larger homes. Learning takes place in the evening, which does not interfere with the work on the land. People are taught math, writing and reading. This project has been enthusiastically adopted by the rural community. In the meantime, 125 schools like that of the planned 800 have been established; this will provide basic education for rural communities in the district of the city Karnool.

Balasai - Concept School

Already in the four schools in Karnool the concept of an educational used in the International boarding school in Munagalapad has been incorporated.

Social projects in feeding hospitals


Balasai Central Trust supplies daily free food to about 300 400 poor patients and their caregivers in the government hospital in Karnool.

During the "Deenajana-Seva" (service of neighbor) Balasai Baba Devotes (dedicated to God) distribute on the first and the fourth Sunday of each month free food for about 200 patients of the Regional Cancer Centre in Hyderabad.

Summer drinking water supply


This project includes the free supply of drinking water to the population in the slums of the city Karnool during the hot summer months, in addition during drought the water is supplied to the population outside the city. Purchased by Balasai Central Trust the drinking water is escorted to the areas affected in large trucks with tanks. Drinking water supply in these areas saves lives. Such assistance continues depending on the weather from 3 to 6 months.

Free Clinic


Since 1992 Balasai Central Trust provides daily free medical care to about 75-five patients in the clinic 'Free Clinic "in Karnool.

Preventive examinations


Since the founding of Balasai Central Trust, each year in the poorer regions free checkups are being done, thus becoming regular periodic tests.

Medical Campus


Every second Sunday of the month in the Ashram Balasai Baby in Karnool a medical campus is held. Patients have the opportunity to carry out free medical tests, receiving injections, or medications. Every medical campus is announced in advance by the staff Balasai Baba Central Trust in the slums of the city Karnool. Balasai Baba Central Trust organized an additional ambulance which visits further away slums and villages that do not have any medical facilities. During these visits free tests such as eye examination, HIV and others are conducted.

Eye Clinic and mobile campus


Since 1995 Balasai Central Trust deals with the treatment of eye diseases of farmers and their families caused by, among other things, the strong intensity of sunlight. Their goal is to eliminate these diseases throughout the region Karnool. For the past eight years, the mobile medical team carried out the operations and post-operative care in the halls and rural schools throughout the region Karnool. Employees go in the farthest corners of the region and take the sick to the places prepared for their operations. By 2008, we managed to restore eyesight to more than 75 000 people.

The Balasai Central Trust was asked by the Government of India to extend the treatment to the entire province of Andhra Pradesh.

Other help


For many years during the celebration of the birth of Balasai Baby, wheelchairs for patients, sewing machines for widows and single women are distributed, for whom Balasai Central Trust also organizes courses in sewing. After completing these courses, these women can work independently and take care of their material well-being. During winter months thousands of Saris, Dhotis (regional clothes) and blankets are freely distributed.

Below we present you with a list of associations cooperating with Balasai Central Trust. All listed associations are registered in their countries and annually inspected by their tax authorities on their "NON PROFIT" business.

All members of the associations and their helpers work as volunteers. During multiple stays in India they turned their attention to the needs of the people and were able to observe and support effectively the on-site work of Balasai Central Trust.